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FMTC as a NOGEPA certified training provider

FMTC Amsterdam is certified as a training provider by NOGEPA and is allowed to provide the following acknowledged NOGEPA courses:

For whom is NOGEPA?

If your are working in the offshore industry or an industry related to this industry, then you are probably familiar with the organization NOGEPA. NOGEPA stands for Dutch (Netherlands) Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association. The main objective of NOGEPA is efficient, safe and environmental friendly extraction of gas and oil from the Dutch (sea) soil and an optimal understanding between the industry and society. NOGEPA is founded in 1974 from a social context. Besides this, NOGEPA watches developments regarding safety, sustainability and climate closely.

Why was NOGEPA founded?

To be able to provide education related to the offshore industry, a training provider must be certified by NOGEPA. Since working in the offshore industry can be very risky and most work is executed at sea, a proper medical and safety training is of great importance. The emergency services are taking significantly longer to reach the site of an incident, than when an incident takes place on land. NOGEPA makes sure that all training providers meet the right requirements regarding the various provided related courses.


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