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Offshore courses

Nogepa Courses

Certified NOGEPA training for offshore North Sea area.


GWO Certified (Global Wind Organisation) courses for the wind industry.


FMTC Schiphol offers a wide variety of further certified safety training.

Offshore courses

At FMTC you can follow offshore courses when it suits you! FMTC is the newest safety training centre in The Netherlands with two locations. The first location of FMTC is located at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam. The location Schiphol Amsterdam is approved by OPITO, NOGEPA and GWO for the offshore courses. The second location of FMTC is located at Dordrecht in the area of the harbor from Rotterdam. This is our newest location and for now approved by NOGEPA and GWO.


The offshore and maritime business goes on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The work pressure is high. By recognizing risks and cooping efficiently to it, your crew is able to positively affect the outcome of an incident. A well-trained crew therefore, can be of great importance.

Offshore course specialist

The Instructors at FMTC are certified people who have worked in these branches. They know what they are talking about; they can pass on procedures and techniques in an interesting way. Thus, people take up and remember more information. Moreover, since we understand the importance of a good planning, you can train 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at FMTC.

Besides our Offshores courses, you might also be interested in our GWO courses Maritime courses and the Dutch Industry courses.


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